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Arizona And Its Natural Resources

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Arizona And Its Natural Resources

Published 1939

Silent color footage. "Rangers examine petrified wood. Men saw trees, herd cattle, and dress as Spanish conquistadors. Shows citrus trees; snow-capped mountains; a dude ranch; a Santa Fe train; Spanish missions; Roosevelt, Coolidge and Hoover dams; irrigation ditches, electric lines and transformers; cattle feed and water holes; Phoenix; Tucson; Pueblo; Flagstaff; the University of Arizona; Ariz. State at Flagstaff; health resorts; parades; rodeos; Indian dances; cacti and century plants; wild life in Coconino National Forest; forest fires; and old Apache women. Dramatizations show prospectors in mountains and a gun fight in Tombstone. Maps principal cities. Describes copper mining and smelting operations. Logs are brought to mills and made into lumber. Fruits, vegetables, wheat, cotton and alfalfa are harvested. Apaches round up and brand cattle. Hopi women fashion pottery in an ancient village and men make religious dolls. Navajos herd sheep and women make jewelry, prepare food, weave, and live in brush shelters. Shows cliff dwellings on the Colorado, ruins in Monument Valley, the Grand Canyon, the Painted Desert, Sunset Crater and Petrified Forest National Monument."
ARC Identifier:     12493

Run time 38 minutes 06 seconds
Producer United States. Bureau of Mines
Audio/Visual silent, color
Language English


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